(The Chinese JV company owned 70% by Zhen Ding Resources Inc. (NV))

The Company believes that its strongest asset is its management team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. The team constitutes experts in venture capital, business structuring, operating and financing public companies, while other members bring their direct hands-on experience in all aspects of exploration, metals-plant design, development and operations.

Management Team

Wei De Gang , Director, Chairman of the Board

Tu, Wen Mei, Director, President and CEO


Tu, Wen Mei
Wei, De Gang
Zhou, Qiang

Technical Team

Liu Yu Wang, Mining Engineer

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Kun Ming Technical College in the Department of specializing in Mining Exploration. Previously he worked with the Gold Bureau Arm Police as Technical Specialist, assistant Chief Engineer, Senior Engineer, and Chief Engineer. Currently, he is Vice-Chief of Engineering for Jin Xian Xin Zhou Gold Co. Ltd.

Luo Xian Oing, Mining Engineer

Graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Nan Fang Gold College in Mine Selection and Mining Engineering. Currently, he is a deputy dean at the University of Jiang Xi Physics and Engineering in the Department of Resources and Environmental Department.

Previously he had various teaching posts as lecturer, then assistant professor in Southern Gold College, Jiang Xi University and Beijing Technical University. Professor Luo is working as a consultant to Xin Zhou Gold Co. Ltd. in the area of mining production processes.

Li Guang, Engineer

Graduated from Jiang Xi Technical University with bachelor’s degree. Previously he worked for Jiang Xi Copper Company as Assistant Engineer and Technical Specialist in Production Department, eventually becoming the department head. He also worked as Chief of the Technical Department at Anhui Steel and Iron Factory. He is currently working as the Mine Selection Process Engineer for Xin Zhou Gold Co. Ltd.

Tan Bo Ying, Geological Engineer

|Graduated from Beijing Geological College with Bachelor Degree. Previous working experience was with ShaanXi #4 Geological Team, Tibet Geological Bureau and ShaanXi Bureau of Geological #2 Team as Senior Engineer. Currently, he is acting as an adviser to Xin Zhou Gold Co. Ltd.

Wang Tao, Engineer

A graduate from Zhong Nan Industrial University with a specialty of mine Exploration. Previous working experience was with the Gold Bureau Arm Police as Senior Engineer with #7 and #10 exploration team working in Yan Tai, Shangdong, China. Currently, he is acting as adviser to the exploration work for Xin Zhou Gold Co. Ltd.

Gu Jian Ping, General Manager

He graduated as an economist from Shanghai University, Shanghai, China. Previously he worked for the Shanghai Woolen Spinning Factory as manager, Woolen Garment Factory as Vice General Manager and at the Shanghai Trading Company as General Manager. He has the upper management skills and experience developed over more than twenty years. Currently he is the general manager of Xin Zhou Gold Co. Ltd.

Dr.Sun Wei Dong, Consultant